Why do you need a website. Ways to make money

When creating websites, they often make the same mistakes. Pages are overloaded with complex multi-colored pictures, videos, using original, but hard to read fonts. All this can distract the visitor from the perception of the content – a person, drowning in a stream of unnecessary information, simply forgets why he visited the resource. The development of website design should be approached more carefully and carefully.

You should also not use intrusive pop-up messages – this annoys people, they do not like when they start to impose goods or services. Website design development should be based on the following principles:

  1. informativeness;
  2. clear and easy design;
  3. accessible presentation of information about the company.

Now I will show with examples what I am guided by when creating projects for different customers. I will not impose my opinion on anyone, I will just tell you about the methods that I have been testing for years.

Website design – basic principles. Checking by “grandmother”

First, a visitor, having entered the site and having a quick look at it, must understand what the resource is and what the company does. What it looks like:

  1. Hat – there is a memorable company logo, contact information, links to social networks.
  2. The upper part of the home page – basic information about the company: field of activity, informative picture or background.
  3. The main part of the site is more detailed information about the organization, a full description of basic and additional services, portfolio, photo gallery, customer reviews.

Second: there is an application form on the main page so that a potential client can immediately contact a company representative, as well as a contact phone number.

Third: text information should be presented as concisely as possible. The user will not read the multi-page history of the company, he came with a specific purpose – to find, order and buy the product or service he needs.

Fourth: news, articles and other information that is needed to promote the site in search.

If the resource is devoted, for example, to metalworking, then the design should not be made too bright, it is important to briefly and fully indicate the list of the company’s services. If the pages are created for a construction site, then you cannot do without beautiful and visual photographs with examples of work.

A design friend of mine uses his grandmother to test projects. He gives her a look at the site, and if, after reading the pages, she has no questions, then the structure is in order. For verification, it is better to use not professionals, but ordinary users who do not understand the intricacies of site building. After all, it is for them that we create the design.

Features of site design for different age categories

The design must match the target audience. For example, when creating a website design for pages that will be visited by people aged 14-16, you can use bright pictures and a background, appropriate text content using slang. Visitors need to make it clear that you are on the same wavelength with them. But for older people – 30-40 years old – such a design will not be very appropriate.

When developing a website design, it is important to consider the results of competitors. There is no point in inventing a bicycle if people have tested working circuits for years. But you do not need to copy the structure and design one-to-one. The best option is to collect all the best and make it even more perfect.