Alexander Shulepov, private publisher

Development of corporate sites, landings

Internet shops.

Hello there!
My name is Alexander Shulepov, I’m 25 years old.
I’m candidly loving web-development and internet marketing, actively studying new standards and share my experience in my own time.
I live in Saint Petersburg.

Why are clients choosing myself?


10 years of experience in the field of web-development


Studying your business


Handy ways of payment


Marketing studies


Perform primary SEO-optimization


Always standing by for your call in Viber, Skype, Vk


I’m dealing with full stack web development and website promotion, development of logo trademarks and corporate styles, maintaining of sites of any degree of complexity, SEO-promotion, advertizing campaigns directing.

Call 8 (904) 634-38-92


Never put off till tomorrow,
What you can do today!

Safe working conditions

Step-by-step way of site development

01 Project discussion

We get acquainted and begin to scrutinize details.

02 Analysis of your niche

I can analyze your opponents on free basis and help you reveal the better features of your own project.

03 50% payment

Only if you are sure I can meet your requirements.

04 Work

I perform all necessary works.

05 Launching

Web site enters your hosting and starts working.

06 50% payment

Only once your site is working within your hosting.

Complete proposal

All included

Images and graphics

I’m using Images from free online marketplace, developing info graphics and design elements

10-15 stunning pages

Page design and text writing (adaptation) already included

You just send me drafts of your tests, photos, logotypes, corporate style, accesses to hosting and domains…

… and receive web site

Only state-of-the-art web sites


Working with pads and smart phones.

Ready for SEO

Readable references, canonicals, meta-tags, Open Graph etc.

Simple management

Learning how to add new pages takes little time, it’s real simple.

Stunning design

Only new web-design trends.

Really actual solutions

Takes only

one week

to develop corporate or personal web site

Complex projects need more time.

This landing took 4 days to develop.

Order by e-mail

Handle your problems: fill this form and send me –

Order by telephone

8 (904) 634 38 92 // write and call by WhatsApp, if it’s convenient for you

Thanks for your visit!

Don’t hesitate to address me with any issues, regarding development and promotion of your web site and get my consultations.

Regards, Alexander Shulepov